1. Anonymous asked:

    I am a pre everything trans guy. I've never had a packer or anything but I also have the phantom feeling, especially when aroused. Am I just weird?

    Zak: No, you’re not weird. A few people commented on that last ask saying that they have phantom penis sensations even if they’ve never packed or haven’t packed for a long time. It seems like it’s just a thing for some people. 

  2. Anonymous asked:

    Sometimes, especially after I use my packer. I still feel "my packer" in my pants even after I've taken it out. It's like some weird ghost presence in the exact place I keep my packer shifted to. I was wondering if any other guys had the same thing happen to them ever?

    Zak: I’ve heard a lot of people report “phantom penis” sensations. It seems to be fairly common, so I’d say you’re not alone in feeling it. I’d guess that if you pack a lot you also get used to feeling the packer there, so when you take it out you might still feel it somewhat because you’re so used to it being there and mentally expect it to be there. But yeah, that’s definitely a thing.

  3. Anonymous asked:

    [TMI?] So hey, I've been on T for seven months now, am in my mid 20s, and have never been sexually active. What's the general protocol for trans men shaving below the belt? Due to dysphoria I've never ever felt comfortable touching myself without a washcloth or something, let alone explore with my hands enough to be able to use a razor. Hairlessness might make my dysphoria worse, but do other trans men generally let it go natural or trim it or what? I'm curious.

    Zak: I have no clue. I’d guess it would depend on personal preference and really vary, though. Followers?

  4. Puberty blockers help make trans teens into happier young adults, study finds



    Transgender youth who take puberty-delaying hormone treatments are more likely to be happier when they fully transition, according to a new study.

    The study found that starting on hormone replacements around age 14 resulted in better mental health for trans youth, and that they had an easier time transitioning into their lived and true gender identity later on.

    “The first thing this study shows is that transgender young people, with appropriate treatment, can function at the same psychological level as the rest of the population,” Jenifer McGuire, co-author of the study, told BuzzFeed News. “They have the same distribution as everyone else when they’re treated properly.”

    The Dutch study, which involved 22 transgender men and 33 transgender women, found that because of the early hormone treatment, the participants ultimately had no more emotional distress, anxiety, or issues with body image than their peers in the general population after they had transitioned. They also required less gender reassignment surgery, as physical characteristics that develop during puberty were suppressed.

    Studies like this are so, so important because they add another layer of credibility to the work we already know is important. We know one of the ways to help trans youth become their true selves as happily and healthily as possible, and the research clearly shows that we should keep doing it. 

    I know at least one of my followers was asking about this sort of thing and I had no data. Here is a thing.

  5. EVENT: National Trans* Youth Conference (UK)
  6. Anonymous asked:

    Sorry to bother you, but, to be honest, gender has no real meaning to me, but I identify as a guy because that's what I was born as. Is there a term for that?

    Zak: I don’t know if there’s really a term for it. Gender indifferent? I guess it depends on what you mean by this. If you’re fine with your assigned gender, than you’d be cisgender. What you’re saying could mean that you’re cis and you’ve just never thought about it, or I guess something else. I don’t know.

  7. Anonymous asked:

    I recently discovered the Howard Brown Center in Chicago and it seems HRT could be in the near future for me.. however, I often find my self questioning if I actually deserve to take this new exciting step in life. I've come to hate myself so deeply as a transguy that I end up convincing myself I'm never going to be happy with my body and will probably regret transitioning. I'm stuck. Is this an uncommon thing? Anyone out there as scared and angry as I am? :(

    Zak: First off, I don’t think that what you’re feeling is terribly uncommon. You aren’t alone in experiencing this anxiety, fear, and anger, or even in turning these feelings inward and directing them toward yourself. As trans people, we grow up in a society filled with negative messages about ourselves and it’s hard not to internalize that at least a little bit. I don’t know how you can move past this and get to a better place emotionally, though I’m guessing that therapy could really help if that’s something that would be accessible to you. All I can say is that you ARE deserving and worthy. Everyone deserves the care that they need. 

    Again, considering your questioning and what you’ve expressed here, I think therapy could be really helpful for sorting out your feelings and getting on a better path. Not only that, but it can help you approach the decision to transition with more confidence as your therapist would hopefully help you figure out whether or not it’s right for you. It’s normal to question things a little bit, I think, or to worry that maybe you’d someday regret transitioning or be unhappy with your body. That’s something I definitely experienced, just because you really have no control over what changes you get on testosterone and it’s hard to predict how you’ll actually feel about the changes when they happen. For me it totally worked out, but having a supportive therapist really helped. I know therapy isn’t something that is available to everyone for various reasons, but I would definitely recommend looking into it. 

  8. Artists Battle Transphobia in Argentina
  9. Anonymous asked:

    I've just found out that apparently you can't get T on the NHS while under 18, which is making me kind of uneasy. is there any way to GET T in England while under 18 for a relatively cheap price?!?

    Zak: I don’t really know much about transitioning in the UK. I do know that there’s an option to go with private care, but I have no idea how much that would cost. I’d recommend directing this question to UK FtM Information. Hopefully they’ll be able to help you! 

  10. Anonymous asked:

    what do you suggest as the easiest way for a trans man to put himself out there to meet ladies? is there a tumblr that's possibly for meeting people?

    Zak: The easiest thing to do would probably be OkCupid or something like that. There are a few Tumblrs out there for meeting people, but usually they seem to be pretty geared toward younger people (which, if you’re younger, that might be perfectly fine with you and besides that basically describes Tumblr anyway), peacelovetrans and fuck yeah single trans* folk are two such examples. 

    Both Adrian and I have met people in person in various ways, particularly by getting involved in the local LGBTQ community and going to queer events. Meeting through friends is also great because the person can already hear all about how great you are and have the whole trans thing explained to them before you meet them. I personally met my wife through a friend (but also through my involvement in a women and gender studies conference), so that’s one thing that I’d recommend.